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If you are a hairdresser who has to start a new business, or just a professional who needs to renew its tools of the trade, you need a professional hairdryer. In your salon the professional phon will be your most valuable ally, and since you have to handle it and keep it on almost all the time of your business, it would be good to have some important characteristics: first, the power, which must be high to ensure folds and hairsty les perfect; lightness, because despite the phon itself is not a heavy tool, you must consider that you will have to work as hairdressers throughout the day, so it is advised to light weight and ergonomic shape; noise must be total, or otherwise tending to minimum that your customers will make the event even to this and finally the power consumption, which, given the extensive use of them will do, will have to be moderate. Two types of dryer are commercially available according to the needs of the hairdresser. The innovation of the ion hair dryer is in the delicacy with which the hair is treated: in fact, this innovative feature the ionizer will break down all the particles of water on wet hair, letting the excess evaporate and allowing the hair same to take the water it needs to stay soft and shiny. The hair in fact be able to maintain the right level of moisture, will remain hydrated and will be eliminated frizz. This type of phon is also renowned for the speed with which it manages also to dry their hair thicker or longer. Finally we examine the hair dryer ceramic that has the ability to distribute the heat evenly on the hair. Due to the physical properties of the ceramic fact the drying process will be compact and for nothing stressful for the hair. To optimize the performance of a ceramic hair dryer is also involved tourmaline, a type of material that will spread the heat even more delicate.

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